Candidate Resources

In our business, you are the measure of our success. In every engagement, we are evaluated by the quality of the individuals we present and their potential fit with the position and culture of the hiring organization. As such, we form strong relationships with prospects and candidates and collaborate closely with them throughout the process.

When we contact you for a potential new role that raises your career trajectory, you can always expect:

107903530Respect – we know how hard it is to manage fulfilling the duties of your current position with the demands of a job search. We will carefully balance preparing you and keeping you well informed, while allowing you room to actually enjoy the process.

Full description of the search process – You will know at every step where you stand and what comes next. And we’ll help you get ready so that you’re prepared, relaxed, and confident.

Timely updates on search status – “We’ll call you” means different things to different search firms—not all of them reality-based. For us, it means we’ll call you! To provide feedback from meetings and interviews and to strategize on what to clarify in your background and what to emphasize in the next set of face-to-face interactions.

Thorough information on client organization, role, role expectations – Professional sports teams are famous for their pre-game preparations. They study game films, analyze tendencies of key personnel and come up with a strategy—a game plan—that maximizes their chances of success. We do the same. Our game plan will give you the insights on the position and organization that help you evaluate your interest and also provide a thorough strategy for you to execute.

Background information on interviewers in preparation for client meetings – no two interviewers are the same. Some like short, direct questions, while others favor vague, open-ended questions that can be extremely challenging. Since we get to know the interviewers and what they’re looking for so well, we can brief you beforehand and minimize the unexpected.

Prompt, thorough and frank feedback on client meetings – after every interview, we will contact you to review what transpired from the organization’s perspective. We can’t promise that every report will be positive. We can promise, however, that we will relay an honest, objective, and complete appraisal of the meeting as soon as we know the whole story. You can then use this information to prepare for the next step.