Our Unique Client Experience

Lochlin Partners is different by design. We aren’t trying to act and sound like one of the global search firms. In fact, our whole business model is geared towards what we learned clients need–but don’t get–when working with the big firms. We know this based on our clients’ feedback, from research we’ve done and because of our own experience working at those large firms.

lochlin_handshakeHere are the principles that comprise the unique experience our clients’ receive:

  • Custom Search – Every search starts with a clean sheet of paper, and every step is driven by the client’s situation and the unique requirements of the position. We listen, and become a trusted advisor in partnership with our clients.
  • Searches Executed by Managing Partners – Our Managing Partners are directly involved in contacting, vetting and assessing all candidates for each assignment.  We want to lead and execute the searches, not just “oversee” them.
  • Higher Client Engagement – Because of our intense involvement in search execution, each partner handles fewer engagements at any given time, allowing us to focus significant time and attention toward each client and deliver remarkable service, communication and accountability.  Our firm is modeled toward providing high quality service to our clients and candidates.
  • A True Relationship – We’re in this business to form strategic relationships with our clients.  We’re not just finding individuals, we’re helping you grow your organization.

How Do We Deliver this Unique Experience?

Simply put, we’ve built a different model.

Most executive search firms use a leverage model: intentionally minimizing the engagement partner’s involvement in completing the search assignment once the contract has been signed. The traditional incentive systems in most major search firms reward those partners primarily based on transaction volume. The more engagements won, the more the partner makes. Key client satisfaction metrics for quality, time to completion, and placement ratios are entirely secondary in determining compensation. The associate-level recruiters who do the bulk of the actual search execution are primarily measured by the number of searches completed, which typically results in these associates managing more than a dozen searches at a time.

In our model, each assignment is managed directly by one or more of our Managing Partners with their ongoing and intimate involvement driving every stage of the search process. Our compensation structure is similarly unique. Unlike our competitors, we are compensated on the success of the firm overall. This model motivates us to ensure the best possible result on each search assignment and to align the skills and effort of our select team with our client’s priorities.

We Deliver Results

We are known for adeptly handling “tough searches.” Ones where a rare mix of skills and traits is called for, or where the company culture demands a certain personality. For us, these searches are handled like any other assignment. We pick our best people, work closely with the client and consistently deliver quality results.

We Have Full Access

Non-recruit agreements and conflicts of interest create significant “blockages” for large search firms that can severely restrict the candidate universe. By limiting the number of clients in a given industry, we are able to minimize “off-limits” concerns and access virtually the entire pool of candidates to find the best fit for each position.