Search Committee Chair, Non-Profit Organization

On Executive Search

Here’s a challenge with large firms.  Once they get paid two-thirds of the fee they lose steam. They start getting pressure from their managers that the search is going on too long and they need to bring in new projects and revenue.  So they stop paying attention.  I’ve had that happen more than once.

In one experience, I felt that the search firm I was working with didn’t work that hard at listening.  So in the first round of candidates, not one was a potential fit with our criteria. In general, the biggest mistake some firms make is not pushing hard enough at the beginning to do the background research and due diligence — and to get the board or search committee on the same page before the search starts.

On Lochlin Partners

Someone on our board knew one of the partners at Lochlin, so we asked them to submit a response. We were so impressed, we picked them hands down.   It sounds basic, but you need a firm that will listen and do the front end work so that they don’t waste your time.