Rick Valachovic, President and CEO, American Dental Education Association

On Executive Search

For me, the purpose of using executive search is to get it right the first time. How do we identify potential candidates, not only for the position but for the culture in which this individual will be entrenched? Using the expertise of people who are able to identify potential candidates and really get to know them in a way that doesn’t necessarily come out in simple on-sight interviews is integral.

On Lochlin Partners

The professionalism of the team, throughout the entire office, was impressive. They had a willingness to engage with us at the beginning of the process to better understand our needs before searching and identifying potential candidates.  During the search, it was rare to have a conversation with only one partner; all of the substantial conversations were with both Pat and Liza. It was nice to have two partners actively involved and bringing different perspectives. They were able to identify several potential candidates that clearly had the experience and skills we were looking for, subsequently making the final choice difficult.  The candidates they provided have worked very well. That may not have happened if we had done something independently.