Hal Quinn, President and CEO, National Mining Association

On Executive Search

As an association, our leaders represent more than just our organization—they represent our member companies and, by extension, the tens of thousands of people employed by those member companies.  It is, therefore, vital that we identify and recruit top talent wherever it may be, looking at a diverse range of cross-industry candidates who have proven experience in delivering results.  An executive search firm needs to understand our team, our organization and our industry, and apply that perspective to evaluate, identify and recommend unique candidates who we would not be able to identify on our own.

On Lochlin Partners

While many executive search firms focus on identifying a strong candidate for a given role, Lochlin Partners understands the importance of finding the right person for a role. There will always be countless candidates with impressive backgrounds and experience on paper, but team dynamics ultimately dictate the success of an organization. Lochlin Partners took the time to get to know our organization to ensure that candidates with whom we met complemented the existing strengths of our leadership team. The senior level attention and care that was maintained throughout the process was impressive and made the difference in supporting a positive outcome.