Frank Hugelmeyer, President, Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA)

HugelmeyerOn Executive Search

The process is key—how comprehensive that is. It can make a huge difference in the client experience.  Almost immediately, you’re able to tell if it is rigorous.

I always sensed that I got lost in the shuffle with big firms.  When I asked how many searches they were handling, and learned it was a big number, I would get nervous.

On Lochlin Partners

Lochlin has the most comprehensive process of search firms I’ve worked with.  Their upfront research process really made a huge difference with us.  And the initial vetting Lochlin did compared to others was certainly more robust.  Other firms don’t achieve the same rigor.  It’s a real differentiator for Lochlin.  It’s hard to understand the value up front, but I got it when I started to engage with Liza.  I believed it when I saw the exploration of depth in sectors and the quality of candidates.