Dennis Liberson, Private Equity Advisor

Previously Chief Human Resources Officer at Capital One


On Executive Search Liberson_opt

I look at several factors in evaluating an executive search firm’s performance.  First, I consider their placement rate — for what percentage of searches do they actually find the candidate who gets hired?   Secondly, I want to confirm that they will work until the end of the search to fill the job – even if the project gets difficult.  Other components include the length of time it takes to complete the project, and how many candidates our team will have to interview before we get to the offer/acceptance stage.

On Lochlin Partners

I think there’s a new model in executive search — one in which search firms truly listen, and then advise companies.  Some firms will do this, and some won’t. I have found that some search firms think that my expectations are unfair, but this is not the case with Lochlin Partners.   They do a great job of listening early in the process.  I am candid with them because of our long-term relationship.  Sometimes I will say, “Here’s what I think we need,” and they can say, “Here’s what we think you need.”

Lochlin Partners doesn’t shy away from challenges — they believe they can find the needle in a haystack, and they do it.