Brett Loper, Senior Vice President, American Express Company

On Executive Search

Making the right hiring decisions are critical to any leader’s success.  When hiring, I am looking for someone who can complement me, represent my company’s brand externally, and represent our team internally.  I’ve learned that hiring the right search consultant is as critical to ensuring we have the right candidates as anyone else involved in the search process, including my leader, other stakeholders on my team, and even the business units that influence the decision. The search firm must know the marketplace and be able to evaluate talent more effectively than we could otherwise do internally.

On Lochlin Partners

Lochlin Partners spends a significant amount of senior staff time collecting suggestions and recommendations.  Once they cull the list, there are high quality candidates in the mix. The process feels personalized – I get their insight and expertise.
And finally, the team at Lochlin has an ethical standard for how they handle prospective candidates.  They’re refreshing and delightful to work with and are really setting a standard for others to live up to.