During the search, it was rare to have a conversation with only one partner; all of the substantial conversations were with both Pat and Liza. It was nice to have two partners actively involved and bringing different perspectives.

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Lochlin not only presents high quality candidates, but knows who we are and uses that information to make sure candidates will be a good fit for the organization and within the leadership team. There’s a reason we keep going back to them!

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“Lochlin Partners took the time to get to know our organization to ensure that candidates with whom we met complemented the existing strengths of our leadership team.”

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“I always sensed that I got lost in the shuffle with big firms.  When I asked how many searches they were handling and learned it was a big number, I would get nervous.”

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“The process feels personalized — I get their insight and expertise…and the team at Lochlin has an ethical standard for how they handle prospective candidates.”

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“With Google and LinkedIn, the firm’s database is less of a differentiator. We ask ‘how busy are you, and who’s going to work on this?’ Most firms try to give what they think is the right answer. The right answer is the truthful answer.”

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Lochlin Partners doesn’t shy away from challenges — they believe they can find the needle in a haystack, and they do it.”

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“A challenge with large firms is once they get paid two-thirds of the fee they lose steam. They start getting pressure from their managers that the search is going on too long and they need to bring in new searches. So they stop paying attention.”

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“The only way to see if there’s a fit with a search firm is to spend time with them and have them talk to people internally. Lochlin understood us very quickly. They’re a great firm to work with.”

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