An interview with Jim Searing, Co-Founder of Lochlin Partners

“It is like looking for a needle in a haystack“ describes Jim Searing with a mild chuckle, when asked to describe the executive search business. The founder and retired CEO of Lochlin Partners, a top notch executive search firm, has spent an impressive 32 years in the “head-hunting” industry.


Lochlin’s Pat Friel provides insight for CEO Update’s Ask the Recruiter column

Veteran executive search consultants say senior staffers should take on more responsibilities, burnish image and show real passion


Lochlin Partners Placed Chief Communications Officer for American Psychiatric Association

Search boutique Lochlin Partners has recruited former Defense Health Agency executive Tanya Bradsher as chief communications officer at the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Managing partners Patrick Friel and Liza Wright led the assignment.


Lochlin’s Pat Friel provides insight on his deliberate and custom approach to recruitment

In the following interview, managing partner, Patrick Friel, discusses his range of work, why focusing on substance versus growth is critical to success and what the term ’boutique’ truly means at a time of unprecedented demand for the services of these smaller, highly focused specialized players.

ceo-updateLochlin’s Liza Wright was interviewed on her process for CEO Update 

Not only did recruiter Liza Wright help former President George W. Bush choose Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for their positions, she got to see them perform under the greatest pressure during the 2008 financial crisis, after she had left the administration.

ceo-updateLochlin’s Pat Friel participated in a panel discussion at the CEO Update Live: Executive Recruiting Forum

Top executive recruiters say job candidates should make the most of their meetings with them, build relationships and, importantly, avoid a confrontational attitude when they don’t get hired.

Lochlin’s Mike Kirkman found candidates who shared Jack Welch’s vision

“Jack didn’t like pie-in-the-sky academic types,” says Michael Kirkman, a search consultant with Lochlin Partners. Despite that limitation, Kirkman had little trouble rounding up an impressive portfolio of higher ed candidates.

Lochlin’s Pat Friel was named a ‘Top Ten Recruiter’

ExecutiveBiz spoke to senior leaders at some of the GovCon sector’s most notable firms to find out whom they turn to when they need to fill an executive position. These GovCon leaders offered us the names of 10 executive recruiters they believe “you need to know.”

ceo-updateLochlin’s Liza Wright provides insight for CEO Update’s Ask the Recruiter column

Whether you have an interest or not in the position involved, recruiters appreciate hearing your perspective on the market and your ideas regarding other potential candidates for their search assignment. They will remember your help and will continue to contact you in the future.