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Lochlin Partners has managed multiple high-profile searches for a select group of client companies in the biotech/pharma sector. These companies appreciate—and benefit from—our understanding of the unique challenges they face in recruiting senior-level executives.

There are a handful of large, successful companies and several still in their infancy, from which to draw candidates.  For these reasons, each qualified candidate often has multiple opportunities to consider. The primary challenge is convincing them that our client offers the best next step on their career trajectory. We do this through diligent work, persistence, and face-to-face meetings where we build trust as we present the hiring organization’s advantages—an approach that involves time and resources that larger firms typically can’t afford to invest.

We understand that biotech/pharma is an extremely competitive industry encountering regulatory challenges with many future unknowns. The constant push toward globalization, the changes that have resulted from the ACA, and the current regulatory climate bring a wealth of issues that only a select few are equipped to handle.

With our industry knowledge and extensive network, we find those select few. We are proven search professionals who have filled the following roles for our clients:

  • General Management
  • Government Affairs
  • Finance
  • Engineering/Operations