Public Sector

The business of government is becoming increasingly more complex.  Today’s public sector leaders strive to create entities that are agile, accessible and high-performing.  Funding uncertainty pushes leaders to synthesize data and make long-term decisions quickly, often with incomplete information.  The unique governance model of these organizations requires executives who can influence others in an environment that includes a community of stakeholders ranging from “grass roots” to the highest levels of government.

Forward-thinking government clients are increasingly turning to the acquisition of talent from non-traditional sources, infusing today’s government organizations with talent from commercial organizations, not-for-profits and thought leadership institutions.

Clients in this sector can range from innovative state and local governments, to quasi-governmental agencies and authorities, to significant federal government entities serving the civilian, defense and intelligence sectors.  What unites this diverse group is the commitment to providing the best possible service to their constituents and the duty to create organizations that achieve the mission.

With our corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C., and partners who have worked in this arena for decades, we are in tune with the needs and challenges of our public sector clients.  We employ a process that both engages our clients and facilitates results in a timely manner.  Most importantly, our expertise and experiences within the sector, combined with our knowledge of the talent pool, ensure that we can engage the full range of traditional and non-traditional candidates.  Additionally, some of our partners have previous experience working within public sector entities.

We are uniquely qualified to help progressive public sector organizations recruit, retain and develop these evolving leaders.

  • Federal Government Entities within Civilian, Defense, and Intelligence Sectors
  • State and Local Government Entities
  • Quasi-Governmental Entities such as Transportation Authorities, Public Transportation, Public Utilities, Housing and Economic Development
  • Publicly Funded Cultural Institutions