Government Relations and Public Affairs

Organizations that are regulated, or that depend on some relationship with the government, must effectively represent their interests to an increasingly complex bureaucracy. The way in which an organization represents itself to government, its peer group and the community at large, has a material impact on the success of the organization. This reality is only likely to accentuate itself. As a result, it’s critical that today’s government and corporate affairs executives are capable of understanding and working effectively at the highest levels of government.

The development of a strong, strategic government and corporate affairs function is no longer a luxury but a necessity, and a real differentiator for companies trying to ratchet up their strategic market advantage. With an increasing level of importance has come greater legitimacy, impact and visibility—and a real “seat at the table,” often with direct access to the Chief Executive Officer.

At Lochlin Partners, we understand the unique requirements of these key positions. Our partners have served at the highest levels of government and business and have extensive networks. We work with both corporations and associations to assess and recruit the very best in the market, as well as those who are up and coming, but who will clearly make their mark in the future.  Our access to talent, and our domain experience in the Washington D.C. market, is a powerful combination.

Our capabilities in Government and Corporate Affairs include:

  • Heads of the Washington Office
  • Leaders of Government, Regulatory, and Corporate Affairs for Corporations and Other Significant Entities
  • Trade and Professional Association Leadership
  • Communications and Lobbying Firms